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The Great Divide – Real vs Fake Christmas Trees

America it seems is divided into two opposing camps – those who have real Christmas trees and those who don’t. Even within our small family this dynamic played itself out, and I might add still does today. We always had … Continue reading

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Every year Santa came until 2015

Since 1971, Santa Claus has come to my house.   That was the first year that a 12 inch-tall standup Christmas card of Santa, holding a pipe with a heart applique in the billowing smoke, arrived in the mail. It … Continue reading

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When Johnny Comes Marching….

Popular music has often served as a useful mirror of our perception of veterans since the founding of the republic. The Civil War resonated with songs that were meant to support the war effort and the Union. As the success … Continue reading

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Speech Given at the First Annual Veterans Dinner at Finger Lakes Community College

Remarks by  Lt Col John E. Norvell (USAF Ret.)  November 10, 2017 President Nye, Dr. Pierce, ladies and gentleman and members of the College community,  thank you for inviting me to speak tonight. As a former history professor I routinely … Continue reading

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At the Wall

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In the 1980s we moved to the Washington DC area and lived there nearly 9 years. It was almost inevitable that I would visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as “The Wall.”  One…

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Scenes from the Halloween House 2017

Growing up in rural upstate New York, Halloween was the biggest holiday of the year.  A small town with old brooding houses, bridges over winding creeks, and old cemeteries full of worn and leaning stones is the perfect setting for … Continue reading

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In Search of the Haunted Tombstone

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? 50 years ago this October several of my friends and I went in search of a haunted tombstone. It was October 1964 and we were juniors at Hobart College in Geneva, N.Y. The…

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