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John E. Norvell is a retired Air Force Lt Colonel, decorated air combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and former Assistant Professor of American and Military History at the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has written freelance for the Washington Post, the Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy and History, and for several newspapers around the country.

Grandpa’s Home Repairs

My grandfather was a remarkable man.  But he almost met his match and burned down the house when he decided to wire it himself in the 1930s.    I defer to his own words on this: “When I bought the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life….

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day — March 29, as such I thought about how I would have spent this day during the war. Most days in combat began early. There was what we called an “0 Dark Thirty” wake up. … Continue reading

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Air Force F4 Tech Supplement to High Flight

HIGH FLIGHT Air Force Supplement 1 OH, I HAVE SLIPPED THE SURLY BONDS OF EARTH (Surly bond slipping will be performed only by two ship IP-led flights) AND DANCED THE SKIES ON LAUGHTER-SILVERED WINGS; (Dancing the skies will be performed … Continue reading

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My Dog Spot …

Well actually he is a very big male cat. I say this because about a week ago I got a letter from a local governmental agency, which shall remain nameless, saying “it has come to our attention that you have … Continue reading

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Margaret Norvell – “True, Steady, Unfailing”

Margaret Norvell was a pioneer in American Life. Born Margaret Celeste Dimitry Ruth, February 11 1860 in Washington D.C.  In 1883, she married Louis Gray Norvell, from a prominent St. Louis family. His brother Saunders Norvell was a very successful … Continue reading

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F4 Stuff

Recently I was looking at all the things I had collected that had to do with the F4. The Phantom II mascot was called the Spook.    He appeared on a lot of things from patches — to letter head … Continue reading

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“Fake News”

The topic of “fake news” has been in the media of late. Many Americans may believe that this is a new phenomenon; sadly, it is not. Fake news has long been one of the center pieces of American political life. … Continue reading

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