The Cast of Characters

An American Family

Capt Hugh Norvell –  Virginia Colonial militia, Vestryman Bruton Church, and Citizen of Williamsburg  (1665-1715)  (6th great grandfather)

George Norvell – Citizen of James City County Virginia (1693-1786) (5th great grandfather)

John Norvell – Citizen of Hanover County Virginia (1724-ca 1805) (4th great grandfather)  – Married Elizabeth Lipscomb daughter of Moses Lipscomb

Lt Lipscomb Norvell ( 1756-1843)

                    Revolutionary War Officer and Member of the Society of the Cincinnati  (3rd Great Grandfather)

Their Children

   Elizabeth Norvell died in infancy

   Mary Norvell (1802-1852)  married James Walker

                  Their son William Walker, Dictator of Nicaragua in 1857 – 1st cousin 3x removed  see My Cousin the Dictator of Nicaragua

   Martha Norvell, died young of TB.

   Lipscomb Norvell jr (1795-1877)  –  War of 1812Texas War of Independence, Politician, 

   William Norvell (1803-1875) Politician and Judge in Kentucky

   Moses Norvell (1786-1853) – Newspaper publisher, businessman in Nashville

 son Henry Laurance Norvell married Laura J Sevier — owned Leafy Lot in Nashville

   Joseph Norvell (1793-1847)  War of 1812,  Newspaper publisher, businessman in Nashville 

   Hendrick Norvell (1808-1837) Midshipman US Navy, died young of TB

   Joshua Norvell (1790-1821)  War of 1812,  Politician, US Consul to St. Barts.

son William Lawrence NorvellTexas War of Independence  – Survived Goliad Massacre 

see Escape at Golidad

   Thomas Norvell (1798-1843) Physician died of Yellow Fever in New Orleans

    Caleb C Norvell (1813-1891)  Newspaperman – Financial Editor of NY Times

John Norvell (1789-1850) married three times, third wife Isabella Hodgkiss Freeman Norvell (1804-1873) 

     War of 1812 , Founder of Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper and US Senator  (2nd Great Grandfather)


     Capt Spencer Norvell  (1814-1850)- Mexican War -great granduncle

     Lt Dallas Norvell (1825-1888) – Civil War -great  granduncle – staff of Gen Custer

     Major Edwin F. Norvell (1843-1876) Civil War – great granduncle – Aide de camp of Gen Custer 

Daughter Emily Virginia Norvell married Dr. Edward O. Belt — two sons and Dr Belt died in train wreck in 1906.

     Lt Col John M. Norvell (1832-1982) – Civil War – great granduncle

To read his Account of the Civil War

     Lt Alfred C. Norvell (1843-1883) – Civil War -great granduncle

     Col Stevens T. Norvell (1835- 1911) – Civil and Spanish American War, at San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt – great granduncle

Col Freeman Norvell (1828-1881) – Marine officer Mexican War and  Civil War (Great grandfather) married

      Mary Dean Redfield (1843-1918) descendant of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins Alden, 3rd cousin 3x removed of Pres John Adams. – daughter of Alexander H. Redfield, Indian Agent to the Sioux

for Freeman Norvell’s service in the Mexican and Civil War see

Hamilton Redfield Norvell (1863-1936) –Newspaperman and Head Printer Roycroft (Grandfather) 

Msgt Phil K. Norvell (1911-1989) – W.W. II and Korea (Father)

Lt Col John E. Norvell  Vietnam (author)





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  1. Garry M. Beckham says:

    Hey, great list of ancestors. My family roots in America go back to 1636 when the John Beckham arrived in the Virginia as an “indentured servant”. Worked for the landlord for 10 years and then was given 200 acres in the Hampton, Va area. Thanks for great writings. Garry

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