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A Day in the Life

I  was thinking today about how I would have spent this day during the Vietnam War  My squadron the 13TFS had an air to mud mission, so unlike the 555th which was mostly air to air, we spent a lot … Continue reading

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Christmas in War Time

This was originally posted in 2015, but as many American men and women remain in war zones, I offer it again as I do each year at this time. Christmas is such a family time, its easy to forget that … Continue reading

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A Picture worth many words

  I have been looking at this picture a lot this week. I posted it to several F4 facebook groups.   It shows me standing in front of an F4C parked on the ramp at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona … Continue reading

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Not all the Targets were In North Vietnam- A tale of the Panther Pack

As the war in SEA wound down, plans were put into place for an aggressive training schedule. Now schedulers were faced with actually having to plan training, not just assume it would happen in the course of daily events. It … Continue reading

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Santa is Sad this year

For  44  years my old Air Force friend and I  sent the same Christmas card back and forth in an ongoing tradition.  This began when he sent the card to me, before I was married,  when I was in flying … Continue reading

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Fighter Jock Nicknames

If you visited a  fighter squadron, you would immediately feel that you were seeing an episode of M*A*S*H*; all the main characters had nicknames. Some nicknames came from the background of the person involved. There was Captain “D Ring,” a … Continue reading

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The Last Flight of the Vietnam War

August 15, 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of  the end of air combat missions during the Vietnam War. While, the January 1973 Paris Peace Accords ostensibly ended  military operations in North and South Vietnam, in Cambodia there was no peace … Continue reading

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