About the Author

Capt John E. Norvell, 1972John E Norvell is a graduate of Hobart College, Geneva NY with High Honors in American History (1966) B.A.   He is a member of the Druid Society, the Senior Honor Society of Hobart College.  He earned an M.A. from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1968.

He is a former Assistant Professor of American Social and Military History at the US Air Force Academy, retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, and decorated air combat veteran of the Vietnam War.  He is a Master Navigator and Weapons System Officer with over 1,000 hours in the F4 Phantom II and 400 as an Instructor Nav in other jet aircraft.    (Photo as a Captain in 1973.)

As a member of the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at U Dorn RTAFB in 1973, he flew on the last “unofficial”  F4 fighter bombing mission of the Vietnam War to launch from that base.

Before his retirement, he served as the Executive Officer for the Historian of the United States Air Force in Washington, DC. (picture below as Lt Colonel about 1985)John E. Norvell

After his retirement from the Air Force, he served as director of alumni relations at Hobart College from 1993-2002.  He has also written for various newspapers including the Washington Post, and history journals around the county.

He is a member of

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia

The Company of Military Historians

The Air Force Navigator Observer Association

The F-4 Phantom II Society

The Red River Valley ” River Rats” Association

The Order of the Daedalians,  Flight # 61st (George “Bud” Day).

He and his wife live in the Finger Lakes area of New York State.


1 Response to About the Author

  1. Rick Scruggs says:

    Excellent article! Thank you!

    Ground pounder, here.
    F-111D, Cannon AFB, NM
    F101B, F-4D, North Dakota Air National Guard
    The Happy Hooligans

    Best regards,

    Rick Scruggs
    Seattle, WA

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