Christmas Cards

HollyThe Christmas cards have been coming in very slowly this year.

That may be for many reasons: email **, cost of postage, the fact that many of our relatives are no longer with us, or it could mean something else.  I have noticed that the people we are getting cards from seem to be the ones on our “B” list.

Now admit it, you have a “B” list;  everyone has a “B” list for Christmas cards.

You know the folks you have met once, or barely know such as distant cousins of your mother or father, or who are parents of your children’s friends, or children of your friends.  Or when a loved one died, others sent cards to them and when you notified them of the death, they suddenly added you to their card list.  Names that were added for the above reasons or similar ones.  You get the picture.

Unfortunately, they are primarily the people we culled from our list when we mailed this year. At this point in the annual card ritual most of the cards seem to be from these folks.

The fact that there is an “A” list and a “B” list poses an interesting question. If you are only getting cards only from your “B” folks, where does that place you.

Everyone likes to think that they are automatically on the “A” list. You know it’s the “Blind Date” phenomenon. When you were a kid you always felt you were the better part of the blind date, and that was true, after all – you were on the “A” list.

Well, surprise. What if you were the blind date that was not the “A.”

What if you were the “B.”

What if you are the one on everyone’s “B” Christmas Card list.

What if those stuck-up “A’s” in your life didn’t care to send you a card this year.

Horrors. Christmas is stressful enough without an existential dilemma of this magnitude to ponder.

Or what if the mail is simply slow this year…. I am sure that you (and I) are both on the “A” list.

After all, I didn’t mean to upset you; where else could we possibly be.

Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!


** To all our dear  friends to whom we communicate only by email,  we of course hold you–  our electronic friends–  high on our “A” electronic list.  Remember on the internet there is no “B” list — except for the person in Nigeria who keeps trying to tell me I have won a lottery.


About jenorv

John E. Norvell is a retired Air Force Lt Colonel, decorated air combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and former Assistant Professor of American and Military History at the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has written freelance for the Washington Post, the Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy and History, and for several newspapers around the country.
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