The Nine Sons of Lt Lipscomb Norvell

English: Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville,...

English: Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

William Walker, the Dictator of Nicaragua in 1857, the son of Mary Norvell Walker, was clearly influenced by his family and drawn to politics – he would later become a military leader.

During the early 19th century, his family in Nashville was the local equivalent of the Kennedys today. Here are nine sons of Lipscomb Norvell and their professions:

1. Moses Norvell ( born 1786 in Kentucky – died 1853 in Nashville Tennessee) newspaper editor, politician, and businessman.

2. John Norvell (born 1789 in Kentucky- died 1850 in Detroit, Michigan) veteran War of 1812, newspaper editor, politician, member of the Michigan Constitutional Convention, and US Senator from Michigan.

3. Joshua Norvell (born 1790 in Kentucky- died 1821 in Havana, Cuba) veteran War of 1812, journalist, lawyer, US attorney for Arkansas, politician, US consul to St. Barts.

4. Joseph Norvell (born 1793 in Kentucky- died1847 in Nashville) veteran War of 1812, newspaper editor, politician, and businessman.

5. Lipscomb Norvell, Jr. (born 1795 in Kentucky – died 1877 in Jasper, Texas) veteran War of 1812, lawyer, Kentucky legislator, Texas postmaster and legislator.

6. Thomas Norvell (born 1798 in Kentucky – died 1843 in New Orleans, Louisiana) postmaster of New Orleans and physician, died of yellow fever.

7. William Norvell (born 1803 in Kentucky -died1875 in Carlisle, Kentucky) lawyer, judge, and politician.

8. Hendrick Norvell (born 1808 in Kentucky -died1837 in Nashville, Tennessee) midshipman in the Navy, died of tuberculosis.

9. Caleb Cushing Norvell ( born 1813 in Kentucky – died1891 in Washington, DC) newspaper man, publisher, and financial editor of The New York Times.

A history of William Walker’s life written in 1902 notes that by the time he was 25 he had already tried three professions: medicine, law, and journalism — all directly due to the impact of his family in Nashville.

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