Lipscomb Norvell – Rev War Soldier

LIPSCOMB NORVELL  (born,  Hanover County, Virginia, September 1756 -died in Nashville,  Tennessee March 2, 1843) entered the Continental Army on August 7, 1777.  He fought in the Battles of Brandywine, Trenton, and Monmouth.   He was taken prisoner by the British in Charleston, South Carolina on May 12, 1780 and remained in British custody until the end of the war.  From his service, he was an original member of the Virginia Society of the Cincinnati.   An original settler in Kentucky, he was a justice of the peace and a farmer.  By 1828, he was living with his family in Nashville, where he remained until his death in 1843.  His son was U.S. Senator John Norvell of Michigan and his grandson was William Walker, the American Soldier of fortune who became Dictator of Nicaragua in 1857, the son of Mary Norvell Walker.

Revolutionary War Service                      

Cadet and paymaster 5th Virginia, 15th January, 1778;

2d Lieutenant 3d Virginia, 9th September, 1778;

1st Lieutenant,  February,  1780

Served to close of war as POW of the British in Charleston, South Carolina.

Biographical Information above provided to the City Cemetery by Jenorv; To go to the City Cemetery  Nashville, Tennessee click on this link

Lipscomb Norvell’s Grave

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One comment on “Lipscomb Norvell – Rev War Soldier

  1. jrbenjamin says:

    Interesting. Always good to hear about figures from history who escape the pages of textbooks.

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